Alternatives to Commercial Air Fresheners

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Instead of using commercial air freshener products, that are easily available in the supermarket, you might prefer a more natural scent, so try these alternativesto commercial air fresheners: consider using fresh flowers, a bowl of pot pourri, or candle heated essential oils. They work just as well and are far nicer, and more natural then a chemical scent.

Make your own air freshener by dissolving 20 to 30 drops of the essential oil of your choice in 1 teaspoon of vodka, then adding this mixture to 500 mls of distilled water. Store in a spray bottle and shake well before using.

Add a few drops of essential oil to a shallow dish of warm water, and set it near a sunny window, or the radiator, or, moisten a sponge with boiling water and add a few drops of perfumed oil. Stand the sponge in a dish in the room, and moisten it with boiling water as needed.

Put a few drops of your favorite oil on a warm light bulb, the heat will diffuse the scent, or put a few drops in the bag of your vacuum cleaner, the warm air will spread the perfume through the air as you vacuum.

Try Basil to improve concentration, cedarwood, patchouli or lavender for relaxing, rosemary to stimulate and lemon to refresh and uplift. These natural air fresheners have been around for a long time.

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