The Key to a Successful Relationship

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You often hear about relationships where only one of the two involved is actually benefitting from what seems to be “valuable” time spent together. People also associate the saying “what you put in you get out” with relationships and quite frankly, this is a lie.

It’s not about how well you know the person or how many details you can remember by heart – this is simply a standard by which most daters follow in which they believe will cause their relationship to unfold into a loving, caring and exciting adventure. But, do they always get what they want? The answer is no. So much effort can be put in which only results in disappointment and tears. So, what is the key to success? Well, I know the key to a successful relationship. This is the part where you snort and laugh to yourself, because you and I both know that if I knew that, I wouldn’t be writing this – instead I’d be in Mauritius sipping a martini while the money rolls in from escalating book sales in over twenty different languages.

The honest answer is that there is no key to a successful relationship. There is no method to follow that guarantees you anything you want. You often hear the saying “everyone is unique”. That should be fairly obvious; else we’d all have the same name, looks and hairstyle. What fun would there be in that? Everyone has a different taste, a different mind and a different personality. There are no leagues or ranks in which you fall in. It’s not about how good looking you are or how many questions you can answer while watching “Who wants to be a millionaire”. It’s not necessarily about “being yourself” – maybe changing will benefit you. The only advice I can give you is let life come to you. Whatever happens happens. Whatever you say stands, whatever you action cannot be reversed, so don’t spend time thinking about what you could have done. Don’t spend time planning everything you’ll say or do. Take each day as it comes, and in the end, you’ll be with someone you want. And perhaps by then you’ll have an answer.

So, the key to a successful relationship – [fill this space here]


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