Some Thoughts on Social Media

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I have just discovered the usefulness of Twitlonger, expanding tweets and facebook and friendfeed entries. I find it difficult to keep my comments to 140 characters, do other people have the same problem?

Are social media addictive or is it just that their use becomes a substitute for face to face conversation and live social interaction?

I would be interested to hear other friends’ comments and thoughts on this subject. In my situation I don’t see social media as a way of touting for business and I hope this doesn’t become their main purpose. I think it’s fine for them to be used for networking and advertising business, (it doesn’t work for everyone, certainly not yours truly) but to me they are a great way to let off steam, let people know what I think (they are personal opinions)and draw attention to news items and situations developing in the world at large. I think social media could help to solve the human problem of isolation (I think this is what Karl Marx called ‘alienation’)which many people experience in their modern day to day lifestyles, maybe not to the extent that I do.

Anyway, enough of my rambling for now, tomorrow (or rather today) I’m off to see the nurse about my illness. Although it is serious it explains a lot of what has been going on in my emotional and physical state over quite a while. I know now that I have something which is tangible and can be dealt with, which is a great relief. Goodnight (early morning) to you all, who I feel are a tremendous support to me.


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