Fitting Into That Tight Wedding Dress: Chelsea Clinton's Amazing Weight Loss

Chelsea Clinton was a beautiful bride at her wedding on July 31, 2010 but she had to work hard for

it.Chelsea lost 30 pounds for her wedding and made her father, Bill Clinton, lose 15 pounds also.

Chelsea was in great shape for her wedding; she dropped down to size 2.  Chelsea followed a diet and

lots of exercise, particularly spinning.

Spinning is a cardio workout that uses a stationary exercise bike containing a weighted flywheel.  It

is quite intense and can burn around 500 calories per hour.  Spinning is gaining popularity and many

people are taking specialized spinning classes.

“She’s in amazing shape cardio-wise,” says a fellow cyclist, “she has incredible energy and she’s

unbelievably well toned.”  It has been reported that Chelsea would do as much as 90 minutes of

spinning.  Chelsea did not think that her father was in shape and told him all she wants him to do is

lose 15 pounds before her wedding and as a good father he obliged.

Chelsea said, “Dad the only thing you gotta do is walk me down the aisle, and you gotta look good.”It

has been rumored that Bill Clinton’s diet of choice is the Cabbage Soup Diet. According to experts

this is a fad diet that promises unrealistic results.

A lot of people lose weight for a particular even but then gain it back shortly after.  So it is very

important to stick to your diet and exercise regime in order to keep the weight off.  It does not

have to as intense but nevertheless has to be there.

Health experts say, “Learn what sustainable healthy living looks like, sounds like and tastes like.

Incorporate healthy changes, one change/one step at a time into your life. And create a vision that

will keep you fit and healthy forever — past Chelsea’s wedding!”

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