How to Make Your Own Yummy Treats For Your Dog!

Dog treats are something that just about every dog loves, regardless of where they came from. Dogs treats are one of the most simplest forms when it comes to wanting to reward your dog for their good behavior and so forth. Soft dog treats really are the way to go when it comes to choosing a treat for your four legged buddy. Unlike the hard dog treats, the soft ones are gentle on the dog’s teeth and gums and make a great snack for the older dogs or younger dogs with dental problems. Of course you can purchase the soft dog treats for your pet, but did you know that you can make them yourself and they are just a good for dog? Making the treats can be very simple and very inexpensive.

The first thing you need to start out doing preheating your oven to a full 350 degrees.

You will then take either a pound of chicken liver or a pound of beef liver and rinse it off in warm water. You will then need to take a paper towel and fry the liver with the a couple of pats. Then take a knife and cut the liver up into small pieces. They should not be more than 1 inches thick.

Take the liver you cut up and place it along with, carrots and egg into a food processor. Take those ingredients and turn the mixture into a liquid like mixture. There can still be chunks, it is okay for that. If you to make sure everything gets grinded well then consider using shredded carrots.

In another mixing bowl add 1-cup wheat flour, 1-cup cornmeal and 1 tsp of oregano. You will need to make sure these ingredients are well mix together. Use a wooden spoon and add the liver mixture to the flour mixture and stir together until well blended.

After completing those steps, you will need to get a baking pan for this step. Make sure to spray the pan with cooking spray or use butter to line the pan. Pour the completed mixture into the pan. Place the pan into the oven and bake for a full thirty minutes. Once that is done take the snacks and turn them out onto a wire wrack to allow them to cool.

Once the dog snacks have cool completely, take a knife and begin cutting them up into to about 1 inches pieces. These snacks can be stored for about a week and you also can freeze them for about 6 months if preferred. You can also make soft dog cookies from this mixture if you prefer. Your dog is sure to love them and appreciate all your hard work!

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