Cultures Are Divided Due to Consuming Routines

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Healthy cookie diet“>cookie diet doesn’t have that meaning that we have to reduce the food intake . Habit of dieting comes from our culture.

Every culture has its own food choices and food taboos. Diet could be evolved by religion also. As far as a person is concerned the religion which he belong plays an important role in choosing the diet. actually, dieting is not those taking foods which contain less caloric value food. It will not be good for your health also. Cutting your food every day will not help you. You should stay away from the junk food. While taking food it is important that you have to include all nutritious food such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your food

Your habits of dieting can play a significant role in your health and mortality Majority of diets depends on culture and religion. Diets are even classified as cultural diets, traditional diets, and religious diets etc.

A traditional diet is a diet that is consumed by native population around the world. Such food can vary from place to place. A person living in inland his/her traditional diet would be organic farming, seasonal food. Religion also plays an important role in mentioning the limits on your diet. some diet are restricted or even prohibited in some religion.

But in western world pork is consumed by a large number of populations. So by this way religion plays an important role in maintaining the diet. You have to fix you diet and you gave to follow that diet very strictly.


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