Paraphenalia Transmitted Diseases

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I really wanted to take the time to set forth my digital pen and talk with you about a topic that few dare venture towards. In the coming years, cannabis will be legal and the drug war will be over. Since we know that this is going to happen, it becomes even more essential to think about safety and responsibility. If are kids are to be able to retain their right to cannabis, they need to understand how to use responsibly and prevent any chance for propagandist to sneak in and twist facts.

Now, as you already know; cannabis is non addictive. It has not chemical reactions in our bodies that make it physically addictive. I am sure you are also aware that marijuana is habit forming, which is not the same as addiction, but fairly close. Just as a person might really like cheese and decide to make a habit out of eating it on a regular basis, many also choose to use cannabis in the same way. Because of this, they are also likely to enjoy using cannabis in social setting, much the same as drinking.

It is because of this and previous experiences I and others have had, that I would like to talk about what I call “PTD’s” or “Paraphernalia Transmitted Diseases”.

Now, for the most part, many cannabis advocates don’t just openly use their utensils with just anyone. As a rule though, even friends and family members can be contributors to the PTD cycle. Something as simple as a cold or influenza virus can be easily spread through sharing a piece.

Now, I don’t want to be misunderstood, I am not claiming that cannabis has all that much to do with PTD’s. They can also be contracted by sharing a beverage, kissing someone or even just being to close. The problem really mostly only comes up with parties and youngsters who are risking themselves for experimentation with their friends. When you are young, you don’t always stop and think about how things might effect you later on in life. In deed, many adults don’t consider this either.

PTD’s can commonly be herpes, mono, cold’s, influenza’s, mouth sores, Candida, tuberculosis or even pink eye. They are often things that we could catch anyways, but because most smoking tools are used by placing a persons mouth where another persons mouth has been, the chances of catching a PTD are increased. Because of this, it is important to keep a Provo lactic available in the same way you would to protect from STD’s. The only real difference is that you don’t need a paraphernalia condom, but what you do need is the same size. A moist towelette with rubbing alcohol will do the trick. Just use it before and after you use any paraphernalia or smoking utensils and you will have effectively cleaned off any germs, bacteria or viruses that might have found their way into your system sooner through PTD’s.

Of course, abstinence is always the best option. If you can avoid sharing your utensils with others, even close friends, then you lower your risk ten fold. Making cannabis edibles is by far a great way to avoid PTD’s as well, as there is no need for sharing paraphernalia in that case.

Just be cautious and remember to protect yourself, especially at parties, and you’ll be able to stay clear of PTD’s just fine!


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