How The Online Streaming Videos Are Downloaded to Your PC

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Downloading videos from the internet has always been a tough task. It requires a lot of time if you don’t know the procedure to download. I’ll guide you on this, without wasting your time you can download the videos that you seek.


The videos on YouTube are on flv extension. First go to YouTube and open the video you want to download. In the address bar instead of YouTube write Voobys and go to that page. Open the video and there you’ll see the download option, enjoy downloading.


Downloading avi file of your choice is even harder. Those who listens metal you can visit the site you just have to register in there, registration is absolutely free there. You can download every kind of metal songs.

To download the latest videos, you need to have software named Mirc. You can download the software for free. After downloading the software, open it and fill up your name and email id. Then go to server and select EFnet and hit select button. Then go to DCC option, select Auto-get file and check minimize option, a warning window will appear on the screen, select yes. In file exist, select resume and check auto accept. In DCC option go to ignore option, set method to disable mode and uncheck the option turn ignore back on in and then connect it, don’t forget to check the invisible mode.

A Mirc window will appear on your screen, select Windows 95 and then hit the add button. A add channel window will appear, write the channels name #VideoPimp then check join on connect, then hit the button join. A message will appear on your notification bar that you have been connected. A window full of texts will appear on the screen, in the window you need to type the command @find, for e.g. @find Bullet for my Valentine Ministry. If the match is found, the song with the name will appear on the window along with the trigger. You have to copy the trigger,

don’t use CTRL+V, you just have to highlight the trigger and paste it. Then give the command ‘dir’ to get the list of songs on the window. Then write the command ‘get’, select the song name (highlight) and then paste it. Then the server will send you the named file.Enjoy the video!!


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