Prison Break PC Game For Fans

Game comes with notným processing delays. For fans of the series but it is not a bad choice. 

Prison Break: The Conspiracy is the average linear nalinkovaná adventure. The crowd stands out especially well-known pattern. It clearly defines her audience that the game will appreciate.They are fans of the series. Degree may be taken as a nice complement or suggestion. Other difficult to deliver. 
The main hero of the game is Tom Paxton, the characters from the unknown. He works for an organization with significant title company (The Company) by series fans already familiar with.It’s exactly the organization that Lincoln Burrows slid murder in which the fingers had the highest government circles and sent him to prison for the death penalty. 

With that is not going to accept his brother, Michael Scoffield, a genius with a penchant for architecture. Devises a plan to his siblings to get out of jail. Course of illegally so that the same prison, let alone arrested. 
Player in the role of Tom Paxton arrives at the prison in the same transport as Scoffield. The series followed the lives of fraternal mainly couples and their cronies in the way trying to get out of jail. The game offers a view from the other side. Thus, if we adopt a simple layout that bad. 
Tom Paxton is in prison as an agent of the Company also received an intentional distraction.The reason is obvious. Organization receives information that Scoffield about liberation of his brother. Paxton has prevented it from directly inside the prison. Should be added that his true identity as well nobody knows, so he guards is not compromised in any way. 
How it happens is due to the series. Brotherly duo manage to escape, therefore, the authors could afford impressive start to the game just this moment and playing the tape, which Paxton during their mission records. Play it while it means death, so it is unclear how it all ends. But the road that leads to it, you naturally go through. 
It is true that the game goes a bit more attractive that strictly based on the story of the first episode, although it looks from a different perspective. Interesting here is that although Paxton Scoffieldovi operates against his execution of the mission is similar devices such as serialized training flight. 
Therefore, you are not too good to think about logic hero’s behavior and not on what actually at that time the company plans Scoffieldových knew or did not know. The truth is that the game is the story of the miniseries apparently grafted, with a total series of course will not find any hints on the game. I would even say that in some places the game series does not correspond strongly. This would result in not so much bother, it just does not want at all costs find logical holes. 
Series fans clearly appreciate that they are in the game awaits a meeting with the old familiar faces. Besides of that brotherly duo gets involved with the mob John Abruzzi, pervert T-baguette, superintendent Brad Bellick and Sucre Fernando charmer. 
The game is built so that after you and the other characters want something, and when you meet, you will provide important information to give you something, or else you will move further in the game. It is relatively straightforward, and even built a series of large doses of wit, here you just enough help track and monitor the indicators. 
Prison Break: The Conspiracy is divided into levels. It’s not too clear just because the main storyline is very consistent and seemed to constantly continues without you having to guess anything. 
The consequence of the scarcity of some interaction with the environment. Once you get a task on the map in the upper left of the screen appears mark to which it must be. At a designated place is basically knew what to do. 
Usually this means either a fight with someone on his fists, which is brought out fairly primitive (available light and heavy attack plus pages). Or does it mean to sneak somewhere, or stay in the shade, so no one saw you, while odposlechnete important call. 
Creeping stage is obviously interesting. Tom Paxton in it automatically goes into silent skrčeného movement, and you can get to stuck on objects and blend with the surroundings. 
In such cases usually come to a series of movements in places that are not designed for conventional walking. One example is the elevator shafts and ventilation ducts. There is a need to move often with the help of interactive sequences in which to press, which are displayed on the monitor. 
Whereas I certainly commend control, which is very well suited to computer ratios. Involvement of the mouse is exemplary, and it was even mentioned in interactive scenes. 
Graphics Prison Break: The Conspiracy is not a bad game, but nobody neohromí. Fans rather enjoy visiting familiar places, such as the prison yard, where much alive. Praise and musical motifs taken from the draft. Dubbing on the number of actors involved in the series, but can not say that would give top performance. But this is not bad.

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