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This term’s schedules are so hectic. Projects here, projects there; I wish this term would end so soon. I really missed hanging out with my family and friends. I missed the times when we can still go out and have picnics at the lake. However, I thank God for giving me a chance to join an extra-curricular activity. I really loved table tennis, so I went to the head couch and asked him if I could join the tryout. He’s okay with it so with no doubts, I joined the tryout.

My tryout will be on the afternoon of the next day. So morning came, noon came, and then finally my tryout! I was really excited to show to my couch my skills in table tennis. But suddenly, my heart burst like boiling water. Not because I was tensed for the tryout, but my crush came to the tryout. I did not know that she is going to join the tryout. My heart was beating so fast like an engine that’s going to start off for a race.

It is my turn now; the couch called me for my tryout. I slowly walked, like a child who is so tense to go to school in his first day of class. My crush sat down at the benches, at the right side where I was standing. “Wheew! I am so tensed” I said to myself. The whistle sounded, and my tryout game begun. I was perspiring badly like I am having a shower. The game was on fire. I did my very best not only for the couch, but especially for my crush.

The game ended and I won! I was so happy. My crush clapped her hands for me (I think I’m going to die). The couch called me in, and he said that I will start practicing with the team next week. It was really an exciting tryout. I wish this term would never end! I think I will always go to the practice, not just because that I love table tennis, but I love to see my crush!

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