Hacking The Apple Ipod.

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Can you identify this computer? It has dual 90MHz ARM 7TDMI processors on the motherboard, 32Mb of system memory, a 40Gb 4,200rpm hard disk drive, a FireWire port, an LCD screen, a hi-fi quality sound system and a custom-designed operating system. It’s the Apple iPod of course, as you probably guessed from the title of this article. However, the point is that the iPod isn’t a run-of-the-mill music player. It’s really a proper computer – it just doesn’t have a keyboard and input is strictly limited to a few buttons.

Unlike rival devices, which are limited to playing music, the iPod is capable of much more because its design is more like that a Pocket PC than an .mp3 player. You can update the operating system as improvements become available and it can run software, such as games. We aren’t just talking about the games that are built in to the iPod, but additional ones that you can download and install, such as text adventures. You can even create your own if you think you are up to the challenge.

Carry you iPod with you wherever you go and you will never be without music. You’ll also be able to read the latest news stories on the Internet.  There are tools available that download news feeds from the Web to the iPod and you can read them on the bus or train on the way to work while listening to music at the same time.

With your iPod in your pocket you will never miss another appointment because your Outlook calendar can be downloaded to the device. It will instantly tell you when your next meeting is.  If you need a name or address, don’t go running back to your computer desk – just look it up on your iPod. The complete Outlook contacts database can be downloaded and stored on the pocket player. Now there is no need to sit at your computer reading emails because you can take your inbox with you and read the latest messages on the iPod while soothing music plays in your ears.


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