Basic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine optimization can be quite complex, because there are many algorithms in Google’s search engine, designed to offer the most relevant, high quality websites and articles to their customers.

The first thing that Google looks for, in a given Google search, is the title. If the title matches the search, then it will be on one of the pages, as long as it is indexed by the Google search engine.

The second thing, is the amount of relevant keywords, and complimentary keywords, found through the article. Your best bet is to include as many of your main tagged keywords, as is comfortable to read, or about 2-5%.

Even the top engineers at Google do not know how all of Google’s search engine algorithms fit together fully, so an expert at S.E.O. may not know that much more than you or I.

Search engine optimization has a lot to do with trial and error, but there are some basic things that are fairly well know in the world of S.E.O.

The amount of incoming links there are to your site is important for search engine optimization, but they have to be quality links, from relevant link text, in a relevant article, website, or blog. Google likes to see a gradual increase of these relevant links over time, from different domain names.

If you just make basic links from any old site, they won’t improve your S.E.O. at all, except maybe to improve traffic. Places like facebook and Stumble Upon are good for making links that drive traffic to your site.

Really, the best way to improve the S.E.O., and boost the Google rating of your website, blog, or article, is to keep updating it with new pages, full of relevant text,  and make links to it from relevant link text, in relevant articles.

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