How To Secure Communications. Wire Tapper Might Be Listening

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Visiting websites via your Internet browser is just one way in which your PC communicates across the Web. Any measures you take to protect your identity using your Internet browser may not necessarily apply to your emails or instant-messaging conversations. This is why you should take additional steps to ensure all your online communications are suitably protected.

One way of achieving this is using Hide-A-Message from Primedius. This simple tool can hide a plain text message inside an image or sound file using steganography techniques. The host file won’t appear to be any different, and only those who know it contains a message, and know the appropriate password, will be able to unlock the text file hidden within.  The free version of the program only lets you store text up to 150 characters.

The most famous method of encrypting email messages is PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), and with a freeware version available, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make use of its services. The program works using public and private encryption keys, which is a much more secure system than using passwords that can be easily guessed.

BitWise Chat is an instant-messaging tool designed with security and privacy in mind. All communications enrypted automatically, using up to 2,048-bit encryption techniques. It\s primarily aimed at office users who need to send instant messages to each other securely.


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