Tna Wrestling 8-12-10

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They billed it as the “whole f’n show.”  Bragging that they would have pay-per-view quality matches for free.  Honestly, i think this is a great idea.  The downside is that it’s just this week when it should be every week.  Don’t get me wrong i know the downsides of giving away great matches for free but this is all in attempt at providing true competition to the WWE.  So I hope the they decide to bill every week like this.  They have the talent as their roster truly is huge. 

The Beer Money vs The Motor City Machine guns was a fabulous 2 our of 3 falls match.  When a match like that is announced you know that there is no way that it won’t actually go 3 falls.  Beer Money got the first fall after what anyone would have considered a decent match.  No one could have had a legitimate complaint if the match had ended that way.  But again they had 2 more falls to go.  The match went on for quite some time before the Motor City Machine Guns finally got the other 2 falls.  This match was the end of a best of five series where TNA used a different gimick in every match.  I see a lot of complaints about gimicks being used too much in TNA and I disagree that they’re used too much so much as some of the gimicks are stupid.  These gimicks were needed and well done.  The fans loved the matches.  At one point they started chanting “This is wrestling!!”  To those who don’t know they were basically stating that other wrestling companies (WWE) don’t focus on the wrestling aspect of the show as much as they, the fans, would like.

Rob Van Dam (RVD) vs Abyss in a hardcore match with a 2 x 4 with a bunch of nails drive through one end was suspended from the ceiling and the first person to climb a ladder and get it could use it as a weapon.  This is an example of a stupid gimick.  The 2 x 4 will never be seen used on television.  Stop trying to act like abyss is actually ever going to hit anybody with that thing.  It would kill just about anyone or at least give them serious lock jaw.  The match itself was fairly decent.  Lots of violence and fast action.  At one point i truly thought that RVD had really messed himself up.  He was knocked out of the ring when he fell off the top of a toppling ladder.  He hit yet another ladder outside the ring in a very awkward fashion and I was surpised that he got back up and continued the match.  Kudos to RVD for being a bad ass.  There were two questionable moments in the match.  At one point Abyss was sitting in a corner and RVD puts a table or board wrapped in barbed wire against Abyss’s body so that he could in a moment drop kick the table and in theory hurt Abyss.  This was stupid.  I couldn’t suspend my disbelief at this point at Abyss was pretty much holding the table in place so that RVD could do it.  Trust me when i say that RVD did it beautifully and for that it was worth watching.  But again silly.  The other stupid moment was when the 2 x 4 came in to play and once again Abyss swings and misses and hits a turn buckle then pretends the nails from the board are stuck in the turnbuckle and he can’t get it out.  Sorry, but this part was awful.

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle.  These two are arguably the two best in the business right now and I say that as a Mr. Anderson fan.  They put on a fantastic match.  Sadly, I think everyone watching knew that Kurt Angle was going to win but even ignoring that the athletecism was still amazing.  On a personal note I had suggested to TNA that they change the Global Championship to the TV title and they did.  But its already losing merit.  How do we have a weekly show with no TV title match?  Hogan or someone in TNA should have told AJ later that he would have to defend the belt later.  Essentially him having a second match that night which he would win.  Building the TV title up as a belt worth having and putting AJ over for having had two matches on one show.  But I wasn’t asked my opinion on that one.

I am starting to feel sorry for the TNA Knockouts.  The fans were really starting to push TNA for the high quality women’s division they had.  Notice i used past tense.  There essentially is no division anymore.  It’s pretty much 5 women one of which is wearing a motor cycle helmut.  The matches themselves are also starting to be throw away.  Let’s get back to when the women’s wrestling is what people were talking about.  Let me see Roxxi vs Daphne with the beautiful people inteferring and then Roxxi and Daphne have to team up to take on the beautiful people.  that’s 4 matches right there if you do it right.  maybe even 6 matches.


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