Reasons Why Kids Throw Temper Tantrums

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As a parent it is frustrating, embarrassing and down-right exhausting when your child starts throwing temper tantrums.  It is important to know that this is very common among toddlers and preschoolers and even age-appropriate (to an extent).  It may continue until around age four!  Do not fear though, I have provided insight in another article as to how to STOP these tantrums!!

Believe it or not though, there are REASONS why your child is throwing his/her temper tantrums.  I have provided a list of reasons why your child may be acting this way. 

1.  Frustration

Everyone gets frustrated and needs a way to vent – even adults.  A child has not yet developed appropriate methods of expressing frustration. 

2.  Unable to Communicate Feelings

Especially as a toddler or preschooler your child may be experiencing emotions, situations and situations that he or she cannot verbalize.  Even if your child speaks clearly that does not mean that he or she is able to verbalize these emotions.   

3.  Something New

If your child is experiencing something new or unfamiliar he or she may be uncomfortable.  They may demonstrate this feeling in a form of rebellion (aka temper tantrum). 

4.  Tired or Hungry

When a child is tired or hungry they are often unable to focus and behave in their normal behavior. 

5.  Wants Your Attention!

When a child has tried to get your attention, but does not feel that they have gotten their message across they will often reach their last resort.  A TEMPER TANTRUM! 

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