Securing File Privacy

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The best way to avoid Spyware or anonymous file sharing, in which anyone can use your PC finding out private details about you is to ensure that any sensitive documents hosted on your PC as securely encrypted and thoroughly erased when they’re no longer needed.

There is no shortage of secure file erasure utilities, but Eraser is one of the best, as it’s 100% free and supports scheduling. The program can be used on demand to delete any files of folders that you wish completely eradicated from your hard drive. Optionally, you can set up tasks to erase set files or folders- such as your temporary Internet files – at a set time each day.  If you need to keep private files on your hard drive for extended periods, then the best way to ensure your privacy is to keep these files encrypted. Rather than processing each file individually, a simpler solution is to set up an encrypted drive using CryptoExpert. The freeware version of this tool enables you to create a virtual drives of up to 20Mb in size, which should be more than enough to store a few Word documents , text files or spreadsheet.

With this treat we are facing in the advancement of our technology, we should always take an extra precaution.  File sharing is fine it has a catch. Better not install these Anonymous File Sharing Program for you to avoid people accessing your computer.


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