Beware: Anonymous File Sharing

Since the US record industry began clamping down on Internet users sharing copyrighted .mp3 files online, there has been a big rise in anonymous file-sharing tools. Most file-sharing applications transmit your IP address which means its relatively easy to authorities to track you down.

Filetopia is an anonymous file-sharing system that is well worth investigating even if you don’t share files online, as it also incorporates a secure chat component and message boards. Rather than simply hiding your IP address, Filetopia uses cipher and public key encryption to keep your communications secret.

Steganos Internet Anonym. No configuration is required, and the program automatically routes your Internet connection via ever-changing proxy servers around the world, making it even trickier for anyone to trace your real IP address.

Limewire. Well this seems to be the most famous of this anonymous file sharing. But this is only limited to a folder or two. The save and incomplete folder at your Limewire folder. Everything in these folders are shared online.

It may be helpful to many but let us still remember this is piracy. And be careful about installing this software in your computers because most of these have a Spyware. In which, some of your personal files and data can also be shared without your knowledge.

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