Events to Participate in During Your Last Year on Earth

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Imagine you’re Tom Hanks as Joe Banks in ‘Joe Versus The Volcano’. You have an incurable brain cloud and you may not make it through another year. A little depressing, yes. However, you will retain your physical health until the fateful day when the brain cloud has its way with you. This leaves you to live your last days able to do anything you want.

What would you do? Here are seven of the world’s biggest yearly events that you might think about attending. You don’t necessarily have to be a direct participant in the events to feel the magic that they provide year in and year out. The magic is in the mass gathering of human beings from all parts of the world to celebrate life. After all, this is what you most likely want to do in your last year on Earth – celebrate life.

We’ll assume your diagnosis was given to you on New Year’s Eve. After a month of getting your affairs in order and doing a little planning, you’re off to Brazil. More specifically, you’re off to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. The parade takes place in February each year but you should be there for the week before to truly enjoy the festivities.

Next up, you’re off to Europe for the Cannes Film Festivalin France. There will be partying and festivities but the event will be much more relaxing than the hectic pace of Rio. This is your chance to get your picture taken with some pretentious celebrity before the brain cloud takes you. Hell, it could be Tom Hanks himself. The film festival takes place in mid-May every year.

It may not be your thing and you may be straight as an arrow, but the next stop is one huge party if you can broaden your horizons and practise tolerance of people’s morals and beliefs. Every June, San Francisco hosts the world’s most famous Gay Pride Parade.

The next stop again features many men in tight spandex but this time we’re back in France to follow the cycling world’s epic event, Le Tour De France. The tour takes place during the month of July each year. This is a great way to see the back roads of France as well as the bordering countries. A mass of humanity watches the event each year, lining the course for a glimpse at these incredible athletes.

For just a couple days during the Tour De France, you will need to slip away to Spain in order to watch or even participate in The Running Of The Bullsin Pamplona. This event takes place in early July each year. Despite the cruel treatment of the animals, this is still one of the world’s most popular events. It’s your chance to get thrown and trampled by an angry bull, which would eliminate that wait for the brain cloud to take your life.

At the end of August and the start of September, it’s time to head to the Nevada desert to participate in Burning Man. This project of self-expression in the middle of the scorching heat has become one of the most bizarre experiences available to humankind. For a week every summer, a city is built in the desert by completely self-sufficient citizens who leave without a trace when the event is over. Of course, the event culminates in the burning of a mega-sized man made of wood.

Time is running out on your year. It’s back over to Europe to create a brain cloud of a different kind. Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany takes place in late September and Early October. This is an ancient celebration of beer, beer and more beer.

Out of money and your liver is about to take you before your brain cloud does. You head home to spend your final few months with family and friends. Or, possibly, you head for the closest active volcano and offer to sacrifice yourself in order to bring peace to some uncivilized tribe of natives. Your call.


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