How to Lower Your Electric Bill in The Summer

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Here are some simple changes that anyone can make today to lower the amount you pay on your air conditioning bill.  There are more drastic measures that can be taken; however, these simple steps can make a drastic difference. 

1.  Provider

If you have a choice of providers you should check to see what rate you are currently paying and compare to other companies.  Every percent counts, so change to a different provider if they have better rates.

2.  Maintenance

Have a professional maintenance inspection performed on your cooling system at the beginning of each summer.  This will ensure that it is running  properly and efficiently.  Also, replace filters monthly.  If your air conditioner is not running at its maximum efficiency then it is using more energy than necessary to do the same job!  This is a waste of energy; thus a waste of money!

3.  Doors/Windows

Shade your doors with curtains or blinds and keep them closed.  A reflective tint is also available to put on your windows; however, it is more costly. 

Make sure all doors and windows are sealed properly.  Seal around all doors and windows with caulk if necessary.

Close the doors to rooms in your home that are not being used and close the vents in those rooms.  It is not necessary to cool an area that is not being used.

4.  Grill

Your stove, oven, griddles, toasters and all other indoor cooking appliances generate a significant amount of heat.  Do as much outdoor grilling as possible during the summer months.  You will be surprised what all you can make on the grill!  Just give it a try!

5.  Turn up the thermostat

Turn your thermostat up several degrees when you are not home.  Adjust your thermostat to a few degrees warmer then it’s current temperature.  Your body will adjust to the warmer temperature as a comfortable norm.  Remember, even 1 or 2 degrees can make a difference on your bill!  If you are too warm, consider using fans instead of turning your thermostat down.  That way you are able to cool yourself and the area you are in, but not make the air conditioner work to cool down the entire house.

6.  Turn off unused appliances

Turn off and unplug any appliances that you are not using – this includes lights.  All of these appliances give off heat, which is not necessary when you are not using them. 


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