Where The Dinosours Go?

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Dinosours, the big creatures of the land once ruled this world casting fear into its inhabitors, People turning pale at the sound and trembling of their steps. How did they dissapear? I mean did a big meteor extinct them? what happened to them, did they move north because of the extreme cold and walked straight into a glacier and get knocked out? Now I have a few questions to ask of you. What is the biggest animal in the world? where does it live? The answer: the blue whale, where does it live? the water, infact the bible says in genesis 1:21 So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. Now,  great creatures or “dragons” show the inmencesity of the sea animals and something else it wasnt rear that there would also be dinosours since the simularities are doughtless and there are sea dragons and earth ones too. If we want to look at the answer on how dinosours got extinct we would look at the biggest animal today in the world. My logic was that, since the biggest animal in the world is the blue whale which lives in the water, since its a prehistoric creature and survived when all dinosours died then the case sbould be in the water, some collection of water erased dinosours from this world and in to fossils today. chapter 8 of genesis talks about the story of a great flood, Noah was a the only person found rightous by God, called to a special mission his name “Noah” means Rest pointing that his mission was far beyond his years God had a mission for him since he was born and even before. God wanted him to make an ark to carry himself his three sons and their families and pairs of each animals of the world, and make today’s population. now there are three elements to make fossils, they are:

1. quick burial

2. water, in the right ammounts

3. suitable mineral

all found in a great flood. The only gimonster left over was the great blue whale, found in the seas today. for more info write to me and happily give them to you 🙂 God bless. My next article is called evidences of the bible


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