How to Write Good Comments That Bloggers Will Accept

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Visting and commenting on ther people’s blogs is a great way to build connections and drive traffic to your own website. But that’s only IF you can get past  the blog’s moderator. Where many people go wrong is they think that they can go around spamming people’s blogs and they are instantly going to get loads of traffic. Errr…wrong answer!

And I know this because I moderate my own blog posts and I delete tons of spam comments each and every day. Some of these comments are random gibberish that you can’t understand and then there are some that I won’t approve due to excessive linking and lack of a real name. So as blog owner I am going to give you 5 tips for posting comments and getting them accepted by blog moderators.

1. Stop worrying about getting the blog’s readers attention and focus on getting the blogger’s attention.

The goal of many commentors is to piggyback off of the blogger’s traffic in order to generate their own. But this attempt often fails. Instead, work on winning over the blogger himself so that you can attract him to your blog or website. That will open up the possibility of the blogger finding useful information that he would like to share on his own blog. And since the blogger has the authority on his own blog, this can mean a lot of quality traffic for you. This is much better than shooting in the dark with spam comments.

2. Only comment on blogs that are related to your own niche.

When trying to get traffic back to your own website you want targeted traffic and not just any person that will glance at your blog. You want visitors that will actually take action by subscribing to your blog or actually purchase items that you are selling. So you want to make sure your traffic is as target as possible by only commenting on blog’s where people already have a genuine interest in the topic that you cover on your own blog or website.

3. Make sure your comments are detailed and talk specifically about something in the post.

Anybody can go to a blog and say “good job” or “I like your post” but that’s not providing any type of value to the blogger or his/her blog. The more value you provide in your comments, the more valuable you are to the blogger himself. So actually take the time to read a post or two and comment on specific information. That let’s the blogger know that you actually read their post and you put effort into your writing your  comment.

4. Don’t go overboard with the linking.

Excessive linking doesn’t not increase your traffic. In fact, if you have too many links in your comments it will be automatically marked as spam by the blogger’s platform. And if your comment some how get’s through and there are too many links the blogger is not going to approve it. So make sure you are not doing to much linking. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t place a link in every comment that you leave. If you leave multiple comments on a single blog then

5. Let the blogger know you are real person.

A common practice that commentors will religiously use is using keywords in the place of a real name. While this may help you to get your comment ranked in the search engines, it will not help you to win over the blogger or get clicks from his/her visitors. Doing this cheapens the value of your content and at first sight your comment has spam written all over it. So make sure you put your name and website links in the proper place.

Latoya J. Hackett is a “serial entrepreneur” that has been making a living 100% online since 2005. She owns multiple Internet based businesses that allow her to work her own schedule, enjoy spending more time with her family, and give her the flexibility to work from literally anywhere. She enjoys the freedom of working in her pajamas, being able to travel without restrictions, and being able to get out and enjoy life.

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