In A Daze

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In A Daze

You walk around in a daze,

with a spaced out look on your face.

You can’t tell right from wrong,

spinning around in circles all day long.

It’s like your head is full of air.

It seems to me you just don’t care.

Maybe you just need some sleep,

before you trip over your own feet.

You walk around in a daze,

like you can’t tell night from day.

It seems as though you are deaf,

You have not heard nothing said yet.

Listen to me when I speak.

Maybe it’s the summer heat.

You walk around in a daze.

Are you sure you will be okay?

Teenagers can sometimes become really confused when they are asked to do something that they don’t want to do, such as when they are asked to clean their room. My son really inspired me to write this. He is a teenager full of mischief and when asked to do something at home he tends to forget, or be confused about it. He likes to stay up and watch TV late so that the next day he is so tired that he is falling over his own feet. Sometimes I have to take his TV as his punishment and also so he can get sleep. Then he has the nerve to call me mean. It is only because I care. I told him that I wrote about him and he laughed and said “That sounds just like me.” So, at least he is truthful.

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