Mind Hack to Shatter That Plateau

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Some days I walk in the gym and I put on my workout playlist, do some warmups and try to get into that rage that usually helps me get off my big lifts. I slap an extra 10 lbs on the squat bar for my first set. As I stand back to admire the mass of plates and the slight bend on the bar I’m about to heave I’m suddenly intimidated!

My mind is having its doubts eventually everybody has a limit. When I’m really psyched and ready to go I can get over this pretty quickly, pump my fists with the beat of the song and feel the pent up energy ready to explode. However there are those days when I went to the gym because it was gym day and the rage isn’t exactly boiling over.

One day I was having a lac lustre warmup and wasn’t particularly excited to get to the squat rack. I did a few minutes extra warmups to push it off a little longer and went to squat under the bar. I noticed someone had a left a barbell with less than 100 lbs lying directly in front of the squat rack. Imagine that this curling bar is the one I am about to lift -should be easy, I can do at least 50 reps with that!

Just then I put my shoulders into the bar and lifted as if it were a nearly-empty bar. It was amazing! I got twice as many reps as I normally do and had one of my best workouts ever!

Now every time I do squats or deadlifts I place a ridiculously light bar in front of me and imagine myself dominating the set. Since discovering this mind hack I have put close to 100 lbs on my squat and have turned it from my least favorite workout into a favorite.

Now I know that these kind of things are generally very personal, what works for me will not work for everyone. It’s simple enough, give it a genuine try for your next workout and you may just break your record.


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