Autumn Sky

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Autumn Sky

Across the autumn sky,

where the wind whispers a song,

a gentle wisp of a butterfly,

and suddenly it’s gone.

Across the autumn sky,

the amber sunlight glows.

The leaves will soon die,

and fall when the wind blows.

Across the autumn sky,

in the darkest night,

the full autumn moon’s orange glow,

will soon bring the coldest winter snow.

When the seasons change it is beautiful. That is one gift God has given to all of us.hen the seasons change it allows the earth to rest. Autumn is a very colorful season that brings many changes to the earth. The cooler days and the bright colored fall leaves that float gently in the wind and slowly fall to the ground. The earth is preparing for the coming winter. Nature is truly amazing in all that it brings. If you would like to view more nature poetry you may visit with me at

For many people, autumn means the beginning of a new school year. Autumn is the cooling down from the long hot summer. Bright orange pumpkins ready in time for those delicious autumn pumpkin pies or pumpkin breads. A new fashion of autumn clothing is a big change from the short summer wear. Autumn is a time when the squirrels begin to gather their food and store it for the long winter months. Autumn is a very beautiful time of year.


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