All This Rain

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All This Rain

After all this rain the earth is refreshed and new.

The dark clouds are faded and now the sky is blue.

The sparrows begin to chirp a song.

The wind is no longer blowing strong.

After all this rain the earth is no longer thirsty.

Raindrops like tears drip from the pine tree.

The mole peaks out of it’s mound.

Water puddles still cover the ground.

After all this rain the earth sings it’s song,

of peace and serenity all day long.

Nature’s beauty is new again.

After all this rain.

Nature is truly amazing and it is a wonderful feeling to notice the small things. It great to tell of the small things that you notice that nature brings. Something as small as a raindrop can be beautiful. God has given to us an amazing earth and it should be cherished. If you would like to view more poetry about nature visit

The Earth is precious to us because it is our home. It is also the home of wildlife, insects, and the very air we breathe. There is so much destruction that happens to our Earth by man. There are many solutions that will help save the earth. It can happen one person at a time.


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