5 Secrets to Acne Free Skin From Inside

Acne free skin cannot be obtained by indulging yourself in bad habits that contradict the skin health principle. It can be obtained by changing the way you treat your body and most importantly you need to change it from the inside of your body. Forget your external acne treatments for a while. Forget those lotions, cleansers, toners, and masks. Let’s examine how to treat your acne from inside.

1. The Importance of Digestive System

Every day you consume variety of foods and your body digests your foods for the benefit of every part of your body, including your skin. Not all foods contain good nutrition. According to your eating habit, you may let too many toxic foods to pollute your body. Fortunately, you have digestive system that will help your body to expel those toxins from the foods you eat.

That is why it is important to excrete your bowel every day to expel the toxins from your body. Those toxins may potentially trigger acne formation. So in order to prevent acne and maintain healthy skin condition, regular act of bowel excretion will help you to achieve acne free skin.

2. Foods Affects Your Skin

Foods consumption will affect your skin either directly or indirectly. If you want to be acne free, you should make sure that the foods you eat contain useful nutrition for your skin. Certain fruits such as apple and strawberry will help you to fight free radicals that can potentially cause acne. Those fruits contain antioxidants that will be helpful for your skin.

Consume healthy foods such as apples, strawberries, cucumbers, avocado, whole grain foods, and other healthy foods that you can find. Avoid as much toxic foods as possible, such as junk and greasy foods, fried foods, dairy products, and high cholesterol foods. Healthy diet will in turn promote acne free skin.

3. Face Steaming for Acne Free Skin

Face steaming will promote smooth and soft skin if you do it regularly. The recommended interval for face steaming is once a week. Face steaming can help to open clogged pores. As you may already know, clogged pores can trigger acne formation. If done regularly, face steaming can help you to get rid of acne and prevent it from coming back.

4. Quality Sleep Boosts Healing Process

Naturally, your body has its own self-healing mechanism. This healing process takes place when you sleep. Your body needs quality sleep in order to perform its natural healing process effectively. So, quality sleep is important in your acne healing process. In order to obtain acne free skin, you must have quality sleep, which means adequate sleep with proper position. The recommended sleep time for adult is 7-8 hours per day and the recommended sleep position is sleep on the back with no pillow. The two factors alone will ensure quality sleep for you.

5. Water Always Promote Acne Free Skin

The importance of water cannot be neglected. The most part of our body is water. So, we definitely need water to sustain our life. Water is helpful to maintain healthy skin condition because water generally nourishes our body and skin. So you need to consume a lot of fresh water in order to get rid of acne. It will make your body fresh. It will make your skin radiant and smooth.

Acne free skin can be obtained by changing your way to treat your body from inside. Your outer look of your skin is a reflection on how you treat your own body. By applying the secret explained in this article, you will surely get the acne free skin you always wanted. But, you must start from the inside.

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