Why I Write

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Why I Write

Why I write is a part of me.

As true as everyday I breathe.

Words come from my heart and soul,

like the ink flows from the pen I hold.

Fragile as the world may  seem,

Why I write is simply me.

I’m blessed to have creative thoughts,

to share with the world what life has taught.

Writing sets my spirit free.

Writing is a part of me.

Writing is an important job and it is also a very rewarding experience. Writing allows the writer or author to share their message with the world. It is often a tough job and at times very demanding. Beginner writers often feel unsure of themselves. Let me give you a little advice. If writing is truly what you love to do, then never let the sun go down on your dreams because writing is very rewardiong to you and your readers. Your readers will expect more and more. It takes a little time and effort to climb a mountain and it will surely take a little time and effort to achieve your dream in writing.

God is truly my inspiration and he guides my hand with each word I write. He will do the same for you. The field of writing stretches long, wide, and far and you have many choices, subjects or things to write about. Most writers are very encouraging to new writers. It is always easy to ask for help.


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