Can The Dead Talk to The Living?

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In October, 2009 my Uncle died. My Uncle was a mainstream, Baptist christian. I never discussed paranormal and supernatural events with him. We just did not have that conversation. However, I believe when he died all of his religion melted away, and he became a spirit. Why? Because he came back and communicated in several ways.

The night after he died, he appeared before my teenager at the top of our steps. She acknowledged his presence and passed the information on to us. She said all she could see was his head, but he was smiling. I asked her what he was wearing. She said she didn’t know. In life, Uncle Bobby rarely smiled.

My Aunt still lives. It was her husband that passed on, so one of the first things I did was relay the information to her. She listened and said she was going to pray that he visit her.

I have a handicapped cousin that stayed in my home during the week my Uncle died. He and I were left at the house alone and we laid down to sleep. Several hours later, I awoke and thought to myself that I had better fix us something to eat. I tried to wake my cousin, but he wouldn’t wake up. I checked his breathing. He was alive so I went on about cooking. When the food was ready, I went back to try and wake him. This time he awoke. One of the first things he said to me was, “I heard you try to wake me the first time, but I was in heaven with Uncle Bobby. I told him Aunt _____ was okay.”

I never doubted him. Why? He is handicapped and lives far from me. He knows nothing about my personal beliefs. His words were spontaneous and delivered with innocent truth. He had zero reason to lie. The nature of his handicap pretty much prevents him from making up things he has never heard of before. Michael’s nature is very simple and loving. I’d like to be more like Michael actually. I consider him to be blessed.

When his mother returned, I told her about it. She started crying. Her words were, “Michael has never said anything like that before!”

The night of my Uncles funeral, he did visit my Aunt. I was very glad for her, but I wanted the details. I asked her did he talk to her. She said yes. I asked if he talked with his mouth. She said no, but she could understand him in her mind.

The last occurrence of communication from my Uncle was this past Thursday night. He appeared in a dream to my teenage daughter. She thought it was just a dream and simply told me about it because it was about him. She said that in a dream he told her that he felt better, was now cancer free and that he missed all of us. It was awesome to hear. I believed the communication to be real.

Death from this world is life on the other side. Your loved one lives. The only thing that goes into the grave is the body. The spirit lives. Be blessed, live blessed, have hope.


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