Toy Story 3Rc-Remote Control Car Reviews

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Toy Story 3RC – Remote Control Car RC magically bounces up and down moves side to side, spins 360%.

Avoids Obstacles with special sensor prevents Toy Story 3RC from colliding again and again with amazing ability Follow Mode. Talk to RC and he’ll spin around to face you, then talk again and he’ll drive where ever your voice commands him to go.

It’s detail award winning painting details and it’s FREE motion eye motion are amazing  and Woody is proud to ride in such a wonderful hot rod.  He wouldn’t go anywhere without 3RC ….Andy’s favorite remote control car of Toy Story.

With its ability to make movements that are not the norm for remote control cars. This toy has a multipurpose functionality.

In addition, the wireless Remote Control Car moves it forward, reverse, and spins . Independent left and right rear wheel drive and Sound sensors activate sound effects and movement. Obstacle avoidance sensor prevents RC from collision Voice activation has him spin or drive toward you.

Multiple sound effects.

Here are a few helpful  tips for this 3 RC Remote Control Car Christmas gift.  This car  6 AA batteries included.   It will also need 3 AAA batteries for the remote control.   So don’t forget to purchase the required  3 AAA batteries needed for the remote control as well as making a list for other  Christmas gifts that may also require batteries. It’s always fun and exciting with all the new toys

Reviews Are As Follows:

The most authentic  to the Toy Story 3RC Remote Control Car in the movie.  This is  a collectors dream.  The details are fantastic , beautiful and fully operational.  Just like in the movies.

Seems as though there are different options of the 3RC Remote Control Car that is featured in Toy Story 3.
One of Andy’s favorite toys in the movie.  On parent wrote that your 5 yr old daughter loved the details
of the RC Car. Her comment was that it looked like you just took it off of the Toy Story movie.  The movements and features of this remote control car has the same kind of personality as the movie.
It doesn’t race but has all the other movements that children of all ages could love. 

The bottom line is this: If you loved the movie then you’ll love 3 RC Remote Control Car as Toy Story’s
Car in the movie.

In addition, most people are suggesting to drive it on a hard surface floor.  It was not designed for carpet flooring.  It will get stuck on  carpeted flooring.
Everyone seems to love the sound effects  as RC  drives around the room.


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