A-Rod Hits His 600Th Homerun

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Alex Rodriguez hit 600th homerun yesterday. A-Rod hits another A-bomb for the New York Yankees. The Yankees won and are again tied for first place with the Tampa Rays in the American League East. This would have been a great accomplishment for Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod has become only the seventh Major League baseball player to reach six hundred homeruns. Alex Rodriguez took thirteen games to reach this milestone. A-Rod is the youngest player in the history of Major League baseball to hit six hundred homeruns. Alex Rodriguez was thirty-five years and eight days old when he reached six hundred homeruns. There are six other players who have hit six hundred homeruns in their careers; Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (756), Babe Ruth (714), Willie Mays (660), Ken Griffey Jr. (630), and Sammy Sosa (609).

The question we must ask is do you really care that Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th homerun yesterday? Last year, Alex Rodriguez admitted to using steroids for three years when he played with the Texas Rangers. He denied it first, until A-Rod finally admitted to cheating during the years of 2001-2003. These were three of A-Rods better years as a homerun hitter. He hit 52, 57, and 47 homeruns during these three years of his career. This brings up a lot of questions about Alex Rodriguez. Were these three years the only three years A-Rod used steroids?

Should Alex Rodriguez have an asterisk beside his name in the record books? Is it fair to other Major League baseball players who reached this milestone without cheating? Ken Griffey Jr. Hit 630 homeruns and there has never been any news about him cheating. Most people believe Bonds and Sosa cheated. We know for sure Alex Rodriguez cheated. He admitted to it under duress. If we look at this mess logically, there are only four Major League baseball players who have reached the 600 homerun milestone. These non-cheaters are Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, and Ken Griffey Jr.

These are the reasons people no longer care how many homeruns Alex Rodriguez hits. We are not sure how many years he really used steroids. A-Rod admitted to three years because the facts were there right in front of his face. I remember ten years ago, friends and I were calculating who would beat Hank Aaron’s homerun record. We talked about Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Ken Griffey Jr. Ken Griffey Jr. got hurt for a few years and this ruined his chances. We loved baseball statistics so we hoped Barry Bonds or Alex Rodriguez would stay healthy enough to top Hank Aaron. We believed in history and we wanted to be a part of history.

Take away the steroid induced homeruns and Barry Bonds is not the all-time Major League homerun champion. Maybe he hits closer to six hundred homeruns. We have no idea. Without steroids, Sosa is lucky to get five hundred homeruns. Without steroids, who knows where Alex Rodriguez would be today. Maybe five hundred or five fifty, we just don’t know. Cheaters like A-Rod have taken the fun out of following the statistics of baseball. Alex Rodriguez’s 600th homerun does not have the excitement it would have had if it was smacked fair and square.

Here we are in the future where baseball statistics no longer matter. Barry Bonds is now one of the most hated baseball players who ever stepped on to the field. Nobody cares that Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s record.

Most of us look at and see the proverbial asterisk besides Bonds name. Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th homerun yesterday, but who really cares. Steroids and HGH have changed everything. Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Babe Ruth were real men and heroes of baseball. Ken Griffey Jr. played baseball the way it was meant to be played. Alex Rodriguez is part man and part machine. He is a liar a cheater. He is not a hero of baseball. A-Rod hit another A-Bomb and it blew up in his face. Alex Rodriguez, your 600th homerun means absolutely nothing. Your career has become a statistical nightmare.


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