Long Live Rock 'n' Roll Review

Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll is the last album that Dio was apart of, he left to join Black Sabbath, this was both a good and bad move, one one hand he went on to create one of the best albums of all time ‘Heaven and Hell’ however on the other hand Rainbow went downhill after Dio left. The opening track ‘Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is a great song to start off with and gets you in the mood for the rest of the album. ‘Lady of the Lake’ is one marvellous track! This track has a sort of magical feel to it. The song also has an amazing slide guitar solo to it. The next track ‘L.A. Connection’ which is a great bluesy track, that packs a punch, with Dio’s powerful vocals. ‘Gates of Babylon’ has an exotic feel to it, and is another perfect blend of what Blackmore and Dio have to offer. ‘Kill the King’ is a classic track that has been covered many times. It has a faster tempo, and is a great head banging tune. ‘The Shed (Subtle)’ has Dio’s best vocals on the album, harsh yet draws you in at the same time. The next track ‘Sensitive to light’ feels sort of underwhelming compared to everything else on the album, not that it’s a bad song. The final song ‘Rainbow Eyes’ is a similar to ‘Catch the Rainbow’ very calm and soothing. It does however feel out of place, considering that the rest of the album was really heavy.


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