Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow – Rising Review

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The second album released by Rainbow, is even better than the first. Blackmore fired everybody except Ronnie and this was for the better. The first track ‘Tarot Woman’ starts off with some synthesizers, and then we get hit with Blackmores riff, and Dio’s vocals, and this is definitely a great memorable song to start of the album. The next track ‘Run with the Wolf’ is another masterpiece, and it is very memorable. So that’s two memorable songs in a row. ‘Starstruck’ is another great memorable gem. It provides us all with another great riff from Blackmore. This track really sounds like what Blackmore and Dio wanted to sound like, from the start. ‘Do you close your eyes’ is unfortunately forgettable, and a blemish on an otherwise perfect album. It’s loud, with powerful vocals, and is pretty blunt. ‘Stargazer’ is where this album really shines. It is epic, and full of energy, and does not disappoint. Even though it is a long track (8:27) it never gets dull and is always exciting. The last track ‘Light in the Black’ has a similar feel to ‘Stargazer’ and has just as much energy. It’s a great track to end this amazing albeit short album.



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