Audio Book Review – The Dragon In the Sea by Frank Herbert

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Audio Book Reviews for Truckers

The Dragon Under the Sea – Frank Herbert (Written 1956) read by Scott Brick (7.5 hours, Unabridged, available through Audio Adevntures)

The writer of the Dune series brings us a story of the near future in which the world has been plunged into WWIII and oil is the key to staying alive. New technology allows men to dive deeper and retrieve oil from places never before possible, but at a great cost. The Dragon Under the Sea is the story of John Ramsey, a psychologist tasked with going under cover on one of the Hell Diver subtugs that retrieve the oil from the deep oil wells. His job is to discover why the submariners who man the tugs have been cracking up under the pressure.

The technology presented in Herbert’s novel is based on a vision of the future as seen from the mid 1950’s, and it’s a little funny hearing about vacuum tubes presented as the hight of futuristic technology, but for fans of classic science fiction it’s a treat. The real story though is the human one. Herbert delves into the minds of men under extreme pressure, both literally and figuratively. The Hell Diver subs go deeper than any other in the fleet, and this subtug’s mission takes it deep into enemy territory. And to make things even more tense there are indications that someone aboard may be an enemy sleeper agent, and the captain my not be entirely sane.

They story was interesting, but the characters were just a touch wooden – though I’ve found that to be a regular thing with the action stories from that era. Scott Brick does a great job of giving each of the characters his own voice. Fans of Heinleinesque sci-fi will most likely be pleased with this tale, as will anyone who enjoys a good action story.

I give this one 3 stars out of 5.


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