Why Get a Business Merchant Account?

Getting a website to represent a physical or virtual store involves careful planning for a systematic mode of collecting payments instantly. You do not only have to make sure that you have a secure website, you also have to make sure that visitors and customers would pay easily on your site once they decide to avail one of your offered goods and services.

So, what really is a business merchant account? How it is different from a debit or credit card or even a bank account that accepts payment by direct deposit? Do you really need a business merchant account?

A merchant account lets you get paid quickly without getting into a credit trap. This kind of account is not so expensive and is rather affordable with all the great benefits that it could do for you and your business. This is radically different and more convenient to use than the processing payments with credit cards in its classic sense. The system has a lab terminal that lets you process orders and payments directly from your web browser. The site is greatly secure that they even tie up with larger businesses and companies to further optimize this service.

Some of the well-known merchant accounts that are being used for businesses today are PayPal, Costco and Google Checkout. Let’s look at each of these accounts and you decide which one will suit your business’ needs best.


This is a very popular application or tool in getting online payments for personal or business purposes. The basic reason of its popularity is that PayPal is very easy to use and is more convenient and comes free of charge for a personal or premium account and charges little fee for setting up your business merchant account.

As part of system restrictions, PayPal limits some activities especially pertaining to withdrawal as a security measure. What sometimes annoy most business people with PayPal is that it is a famous tool on eBay where almost all stuff are sold for a garage sale price that gives a negative impact on their business credibility and profitability.

Costco’s Merchant Account

This provides greater ease in processing credit card payments with the help of Nova Systems. Costco’s business account lets you get a lot of savings ranging from $25 to $50. It offers higher rates of discounts with MasterCard and Visa. You can even use Discover and American Express cards to your system. What’s even more interesting with a Costco business account is that it offers a direct transfer feature for instant funds to your business bank account instead of waiting for a rather slower process on regular invoicing and billing patterns.

Google Checkout

One of the most prestigious merchant accounts of today’s business world is the use of the innovative payment processing technology from Google – Google Checkout’s merchant account. This powerful business tool in your business billing systems creates a more secure, faster and highly creative way to run your business smoothly while helping you deal with clients online for a more productive and profitable business everyday.

Although having a personal Google Checkout account is so easy to obtain as it’s almost available worldwide, getting a merchant account is quite different. Google Checkout’s business merchant account is available within the US and UK only. You need to register a real physical address in the US or UK to get a merchant account.

For example, if you are in Japan and you have an immediate family member or business partner in the US or UK, you can register this person’s physical address in your merchant account’s online application for your account to be approved. This example is just a remedy for most businesses that really need to get a business merchant account from Google.

However, there are some instances wherein Google will not allow you to do so especially if you are dealing with goods and services that needs to be shipped delicately to countries outside UK or US. It is always best to follow existing guidelines and rules very carefully and not resort to remedies to avoid unexpected conflicts that may harm your business in the future.

Take a Break and Take Your Pick

There are other existing merchant accounts that are not covered here as the list aims to give you the most popular and widely used systems. If you are asking for the best merchant account that you want to jam online, the choice is actually yours. It all depends on you as the owner, your current business online approach and the way you deal with all these fees that your budget could effectively avail. So come on, take a short break and take your pick soon and enjoy doing business online.

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