Tools For Young Adults

If your like me your children in my case grandchildren are at the age where they are riding bicycles, curious about how to fix things around the house and are at the age when they may want their own set of tools.

It doesn’t matter if your children are young or teenagers, getting them the right tools to repair things is important period.

Tools can be purchased used or new. Your son or daughter no matter what type of work you the parent perform, be it blue collar or white collar type of work, kids need to know how to use tools.

I know people from all walks of life who have a basic set of tools to do minor things around the house like hanging a picture, putting up shelves on the wall, or putting toys together that need tools.

You start with a tool box of any kind like a five gallon bucket, metal tool box, or tool bag. See picture.

The basic tools needed by any young adult should have in it a regular screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, 6 inch crescent wrench, 12 inch screwdriver, allen wrenches, hammer, flashlight, channel locks, 12′ measuring tape, and a  wrench combination set. See pictures.

  Channel locks.

Combination box & open end wrenches.

   Crescent wrenches.

 Phillips & regular screwdrivers.

The following picture shows a variety of potential tools your young adult may also need depending on their ability and desire to do a little more around the house.

I did not include electric tools in the list of tools for young adults because you as a parent will be able to decide if electric tools are appropriate for your child. Some young adults will have no interest in tools whatsoever, but basic hand tools every person should know how to use them.

Your young adult should be able to hook up their own game consoles, repair their bicycle, hang a picture, put toys together, and so much more with their own tools.

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