The New World Millionaire

The world is changing. The old world way of doing business is going through a dramatic change. It is obvious making money is going to change as well. Making old world money was dependent on coming up with a plan, and then working hard to bring all of the components of this plan together, which would ultimately define success by making money. Time was filled with plans of learning new skills to expand new horizons. By channeling skills to attain a specific outcome, the world grew and became filled with value.
In the past, those who were able to bring together or manipulate a plan to serve a specific purpose were the one who learned how powerful it was to have money. Sometimes money and power was used for good, but often it was and is still being used for immoral purposes. During this time there have always been people who worked hard for their money, and those who did not. Thus, there has never been a consistent flow of money, for what can be used for both good and evil cannot be defined as part of flow. Even at this, using money served a purpose, as horizons in the world expanded.
The way of making plans and doing business to expand horizons has ended. There are no more horizon spaces that can be filled by coming up with a plan and bringing the components of a plan together through hard work. Technology has changed this. We no longer have to find who, what, when, where, why, or how to make a plan work. All we have to do is feed this information into a computer and this work is done for us.
It is obvious technology has changed how we do business, but the old world mind set has not changed. There is still a huge segment of population still attempting to use the old world lesson of working hard to for their money. Waiting until the world returns to working hard to forge new horizons is over, and waiting for this to happen is a waste of time.
It is time for the people to wrap their mind around the idea it is possible to achieve success without working hard to make someone else rich. It is time for the people to begin to make some decisions and choices that will directly place them in a position of making their own plan and setting this in motion, not to expand horizons, but to live a happy successful life now.
In order for this to happen, a revolutionary New World way of defining an outcome must be learned. This way of defining an outcome does not demand a special skill you must invest years of schooling to learn. Instead, it asks that the individual learn how to use their connection to a natural ability hiding beneath years of oppression. By learning to free natural ability, anyone can set the terms of their own success and happiness.
There is no reason why everyone in the world should not enjoy the status of having exactly what they want. This unlimited potential is open to everyone, as everyone has a failsafe mechanism they were born with. The problem is this natural ability is trapped under thousands of years of old world conditioning, which defines working hard for the money. Old world schooling has stifled our natural creative ability by teaching us that we should pursue material wealth instead of what we really wanted, which is to be happy. In fact, old world standards taught us that in order to be happy, we learned to use our natural ability to pursue the external value of money. It is very easy to see, this way of learning is no longer working.
The person who is dependent on someone else defining their happiness, success, and wealth is coming to a close. The next millionaires in our world will be the ones who have learned to make better choices by agreeing to a specific plan designed just for them, which will lead them to the happiness, success, wealth, health, and everything else that goes along with this.
Everything that is needed to use this natural ability is already within the grasp of anyone who wants to use it. We cannot lose this ability, but have forgotten how to use it. The name of this ability is called free will.
Because learning to direct the natural ability in free will is unlike anything this world teaches or understands, the people who want to participate in making New World choices to redefine the internal natural ability in free will must agree to this New World way of learning.
The old world is running out of options. The longer value is found in hesitation and hope in a old world definition of success and well being, the longer it will take to commit to a New World way of learning the correct application of free will.
We have been given an opportunity to learn something so new, it will reverse the laws of everything we believe we know or understand about our reality. The name of the Plan to re-define global success is called One Wholeness Now. This is a Universal Plan to remove the physical toxic emotional blocks set on the natural ability in free will.
The whole world is invited to participate in joining together to find New World value by redefining individual and global happiness and success. No one need lose anything for this Plan to work. The time is coming close to the time when this Plan will fill the world with unlimited new possibilities.

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