How to Go Vegetarian Successfully

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We’ve all heard the stories; probably can contribute our own; how we tried to go Vegan and failed. 

Richard thought gas would kill him, Jennifer became extremely anemic, Tim thought he would starve to death, on and on; reasons why trying to ‘go vegan’ results in failure.

Too many people think they can just kick that chicken leg off the plate and eat the rest without problem.  Too many people think that it’s a matter of osmosis to go from meat to non-meat.  This is why most attempts fail.

One has to move gradually so as NOT to lose the gains they have made.

Jennifer tried to go vegan when she was 17.  She became so anemic that she had to get B-12 shots twice a week. She went from highly active to bearly able to walk to the corner.

At the age of 27 she tried again. This time with a bit more focus.

She didn’t go ‘cold turkey’.  She got rid of all pork and most beef products.  She stopped eating chicken. She continued to eat fish and once and a while a beef patty.  She didn’t cut out eggs or cheese or milk.  After a while she cut out beef. 

She continued to eat fish, but cut out eggs, and moved to soy milk.  She left in cheese.  Over the next few years, Jennifer cut out more products until she ate fish once a week, cheese twice, but was substantially vegetarian. 

She didn’t become a fanatic and she didn’t become sick.  In fact, she became healthier than she had ever been.

In her fifties she was fitter than most thirty year olds, had lots of energy, was slim and shapely and felt good. 

Although fanatical vegans would point at her occassional fish or cheese meal, (maybe twice a month) and dismiss her a ‘fraud’, the fact is she has maintained the diet for over thirty years.

This is what you want to do.  To get rid of as much meat and meat products as you can sustain over a lifetime.

There is no sense in becoming a ‘strict vegan’ for two years, or constantly ‘backslide’ when you pass the KFC. What you want to do is succeed.


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