What is an Ideal Virtual Assistant?

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Contemporary process and virtual realizations pave the way to every business possibility. Telecommuters and virtual assistants have become so popular in e-commerce that every modern employer plans to deal with for further business expansions. The clear concept of defining your business goals and focus as an employer is the prime key to establish a clear plan of action as to whether or not you need to hire a virtual assistant. But what exactly is a virtual assistant and what are its primary duties and responsibilities in virtual offices for greater business growth and impact?

The modern world has created a great number of virtual assistants to aid business people online. In essence, a virtual assistant is one who works anywhere he wants. He may have time constraints based on the employer’s demands but he has the power to make a difference in every business he handles online by working anywhere as long as there is internet connection. A virtual assistant is best distinguished from a freelancer or a secretary in terms of long term business relationship and commitment. A virtual assistant’s job is to serve his employer for long hours each day and constantly deals with the daily progress of every project’s scope. He is more concern of further business growth and development online as compared to a secretary or a freelancer who only works for shorter periods of time with various clients. A virtual assistant merely focuses on a single client with constant online business goals and develops the habit of working for longer hours for long lasting business relations.

So, how would you know that you have the right decision to hire a virtual assistant? What are your preferences and standards? What are the qualities that every VA should possess? Are you paying a reasonable rate to a hired virtual assistant or is the VA overcharging you and you are being manipulated by some existing conditions between your agreements? What are the valid reasons and considerations that will qualify an ideal virtual assistant?

Project management aspect is a great point to consider in hiring a VA for long term. Test your VA by giving chunks of smaller projects to work on. See if he can handle deadlines and pressure with a clear focus and greater productivity. This mechanism will be your decision’s turning point whether or not he deserves long term contracts.

You may require a VA to work for you alone for a greater pay to block most freelancers trend to work for multiple employers. You wouldn’t want this idea as you surely won’t be meeting most of your crucial projects as unexpected conflicts may exist in this system. One important point you have to consider here is that target person’s availability. Availability means the sincerity, loyalty and readiness for work and sustains business policy at all cost on a long range perspective. However, if you are not sure whether you have already captured an awesome loyal VA or not yet, then consider hiring a few virtual assistants for part time work as much as your budget can contain and select from these line of assistants who’s going to be the best fit for a long term position.

Integrity and excellence at work and character may not be easily recognized. However, the secret to all these things is simply loyalty. Loyalty to your business standards and loyalty to your employee should be established by trusting your employee’s credibility and capability to decide towards some areas necessary for growth and success while taking control of everything within the management scope. A positive and welcome approach to suggestions and recommendations while keeping the business in focus will create balance and harmony in every long term business relationship.


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