How To Remove A P-Trap

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When most people think of a plumber they believe they are carrying pipe wrenches with them were ever they go. Pipe wrenches are great tools and are mostly only used on galvanized, black, steel, or cast iron pipes.

Take a look at a pipe wrench. See picture.

Aluminum pipe wrench.

Steel pipe wrench.

As a home owner if your going to work under your kitchen sink and need to remove p-traps the tool of choice is a pair of channel locks. Take a look at the picture below.

Having two channel locks to work with, one to support the pipe and the other to remove the nut of an older fitting while under a kitchen sink, lavatory sink, or othe fixture is important. Channel locks are great for removing hoses to cloths washers, and tightening about anything else you can thank of. You will save money and time by having this tool.

With today’s plastic pipe you would never consider using a pipe wrench on a plastic p-trap. See picture.


With all this new plastic pipe being installed your tool of choice for all p-trap removal should be channel locks.

For commercial work it is even rare to use a steel pipe wrench under a sink unless the p-trap is made out of galvanized, steel, brass, or other thicker metal which has a good nut to connect too.

So if you ever see another pipe wrench being used under a kitchen sink you know something is not right and you now have the knowledge to laugh a little at the next commercial showing one being used.

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