Choosing Security Safes the Right Way

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It’s not that we want to point out our materialism, but we just want to make sure that all our valuable possessions are intact and away from the eyes of intruders, such as burglars. We may also want to keep them in security safes to ensure that they don’t get easily damaged, because of natural elements such as dust, water, and fire. And because of the significance of these possessions in our lives, it’s also highly important that we are able to choose the best types of security safes.

Tips in Selecting Security Safes

How do you go about with the selection? Here are some good tips for you:

1. Check the cash rating: Security safes differ not only on the materials used and their purpose but also on their cash rating. It defines the quality of the security safe, taking into account different factors such as the thickness of the doors and the walls, the security system employed, and the materials used, to name a few. Obviously, the higher the cash rating is, the better the security safe is. Moreover, when security safes have cash rating, it means that they are installed properly, and you have followed the guidelines of the manufacturer.

2. Match it with the insurance company: Your possessions such as your jewelry may have to be insured by an insurance company. This way, if they do get lost, you don’t basically end up with nothing. If you want your valuables insured according to their real worth, select security safes with cash rating that is equivalent to or higher than the total value of your properties.

3. Select the one with an excellent locking system: Security safes‘ value is also dependent on its locking system. There are already different kinds of locks that are incorporated in a security safe. They can be time delayed or have variety of digital combinations that are almost impossible to decode unless the secret has been shared by the owner. There are also locks whose keys cannot be removed unless you are able to close the door properly.

4. Favor a floorboard or solid wall security safe: A security safe may also fall into different types. It can fit into a cupboard, wall, or floor board. It may also stand on its own. If your items are insured, it may be better to choose one that can be attached to the floor or the wall. Most insurance companies favor these kinds of security safes.

Customizing Your Security Safe

You can also personalize the appearance and the features of your security safes. For instance, you may have it painted with a color similar to your wall for camouflage. You may also want to add more flock linings inside to further protect the contents. Whatever the reason may be, there will always be a company that can help you out. Those that offer locksmith services can also sell as well as customize security safe. They can even extend warranty for them. What’s more, just in case you lose the key or the security safe has been forcibly open, you know who to run to.


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