Get Paid Well For Writing Articles by Getting Referrals on Bukisa

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Bukisa is a free to join article writing site. They pay you $3.22 US per thousand clicks, because they put advertisements on your articles. It is not that hard to get your article on the first page of a Google search on most subjects, if you know a little about S.E.O. (I can teach you).

The best part about Bukisa, is it’s three level referral program. You get paid a 25% commission on your first level referral’s article earnings, then a 5% commission on their referral’s article earnings, and then a 1% commission on their referral’s article earnings.

Getting referrals is as easy as posting your unique referral link at the end of your articles, or in other permanent places, such as a facebook page. I am getting about one referral every day at the moment, which will only increase over time.

The more articles I write, the more referrals I get, and the more people who are building my residual income passively, with their articles. It is by no means quick money, writing articles, unless you know a lot about internet marketing, but it can be big money over a long time.

Give it a try, it’s totally free to join. You can use articles to write about the business you already have, and make links to it, but I’m sure you’ll find that there aren’t that many opportunities that offer you a better long term way to build a residual income, as writing articles with Bukisa.




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