Home Made Beauty Treatments

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Home made cosmetic treatments can be very efficient if you use the necessary ingredients. Before making a mask or other cosmetic product you must test the ingredients you use putting a bit of composition on the hand or face. In this way you’ll be sure that your skin isn’t too sensitive and it won’t have adverse effects.

1. Olive oil for a wonderful skin

If you want a glowing and healthy skin, use a mask made of a spoon of olive oil and an egg. Mix the ingredients and apply the mask immediately. The effects of this natural recipe are amazing: a less wrinkled skin and a brighter face. Repeat this treatment once a week to see the results.

2. Eye Cleansing made of olive oil or grapes

If your eye cleansing irritates your eyes, you can make one at home. The only thing you need is the olive oil or grape seeds. These natural oils are very gentle with the eye area and help remove makeup.

In addition to normal eye cleansing, olive oil nourishes and moisturizes sensitive eyelashes, making them grow bigger and thicker.

3. Get rid of spots using strawberries

Cut two strawberries in halves, use a fork and stingthemslightly to help releasing the juice. Place them on your face and massage it, making small circles. Let it work for two minutes and then rinse with water.
The strawberry juice contains substances that lighten the skin. If this treatment is used regularly, it can lead to the disappearance of the unpleasant spots. Moreover, strawberries are good for teeth cleaning and whitening.

4. The treatment with aspirin

The acetylsalicylic acid is a very useful ingredient to combat acne and spots.
Heat a few tablespoons of water and add two tablets of aspirin in it. Mix well until the pills dissolve completely. Use your fingers to get the composition and let it work for five minutes. For visible results, repeat the treatment every week.

5. The treatment with cucumbers

Find a yellow cucumber (if it’s yellow, it is ripe) and cut a few slices. Place each slice carefully on your face and try not to talk or laugh as the cucumber slices are very slippery. Wait five minutes and then wash with warm or cold water.
Cucumber slices reduce swelling and redness and calm sensitive areas. You can use this treatment after a day spent at the beach.

6. Ice for pores

If after having a shower your skin is too red or the pores are too enlarged, try the following trick: take a cotton towel and hold it for several minutes in an “ice bath” (put cold water and some ice cubes in a bowl). Wring it to get rid of the water excess, and then put it on the face for five minutes.

You will notice that your skin will be much healthier and more rested. Cold temperatures help close pores.

Take care of your skin and protect it!Our beauty depends on us!


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