Mama Grizzly: Sarah Palin's Secrets For Staying in Shape

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Sarah Palin and her family eat a healthy diet heavy in wild Alaskan seafood, moose, caribou and fresh fruit.  She also drinks a lot of water.  Sarah Palin admitted to skipping breakfast, which is supposed to be the most important meal of the day.  

Studies show that eating breakfast helps weight loss and is associated with better weight control—especially a cereal breakfast.  An ongoing study of people who have maintained weight loss of at least 30 pounds for more than a year shows that eating breakfast keeps people slimmer (National Weight Control Registry).  Breakfast eaters tend to eat fewer calories, less saturated fat and cholesterol and have better overall nutritional status than breakfast skippers.  There are always exceptions, of course, like Sarah Palin, who is in great shape.  

Even the fittest people have their vices, and for Sarah Palin, it’s a skinny white-chocolate mocha- her “staple in the morning.”

Sarah Palin is an avid runner.  She was running 7 to 10 miles a day before her pregnancy and switched to aerobics classes at her local gym when she became pregnant.  She reportedly is back up to 3 miles a day.  In the summer, when it’s always light, she’ll sometimes run as late as midnight.   Her parents were marathoners and high school track and cross-country coaches.  

She also does snowmobiling with her husband and uses that as an upper body workout.  According to Sarah Palin, exercising is a family affair.  

There were rumors that Sarah Palin lost some weight due to due to Lean 1 – an on-the-go nutrition shake from former NFL Linebacker Bill Romanowski’s Nutrition 53.  Lean 1 is a shake that replaces a meal.  It delivers high-octane fuel that boosts energy levels with 20-30 grams of premium protein, 14 organic fruits and vegetables, 5 grams of fiber and heart healthy phystosterols in every serving.

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