Beware! Nigerian Scam Alert

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For the past few years, I have noticed that whenever the word “NIGERIAN” and any other African country is mentioned especially on eBay , online auctions and probably almost any emails having that word, most people think of it as a SCAM. And for me, about 90% is until at present.

Here are 3 of their modus.

1. They Have Millions In The Bank Of Africa But They Need Someone To Get It For Them

Have you received this kind of e-mail before?

I think many people are receiving this kind of e-mail. I did.

Supposedly one of their relative died and that person has millions that is to be given but the money should be collected by someone. And whoever sent me that e-mail, trusted me to get that amount of money and that he will pay me for helping me get the money.

An obvious SCAM!

2. Solicitation E-mails

I posted a comment at a forum which is about phone reviews and stuff. The next day, I was surprised to receive an e-mail from someone in Africa.

My thoughts about this:

  • Ok, I do pity those who are less privileged but the sender asked me to give her a used phone and even mentioned what model she wanted.
  • Gambia, West Africa?
  • She’s from Africa but her yahoo mail is registered at

3. Fake Check

. If you’re selling items online, better be careful of your buyers especially from Nigeria or countries nearby. There are just lots of scams about fake checks .

Thoughts after receiving the check:

  • Is there any HSBC plc?
  • I am selling phones priced from $100-$800 but the buyer sent me a 20,000 British pound check.
  • The buyer keeps on calling me and rushing me into shipping out the phones he ordered after I receive the check and demanded it within in the next 24 hours.
  • The buyer has a British accent but wants me to ship his orders to Nigeria.

Definitely a SCAM!

I am not against people from African countries, but those are just a few examples from my own experience. It is not just happening in Africa but throughout the whole world. I think many have received and maybe experienced these kinds of scam too. And I am glad that I prevented myself from being scammed that is why I shared to you some examples to aware and prevent people from being scammed. Are there any similar experiences?


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