Earning Online Is Not An Easy Task. Ways of Earning Online

Newbies to online earning might thought it is easy, but actually it is not. They may thought it is easy because online earning don’t have a boss and you also have the convenience of working in any time and any place you want. But the as soon as you get hooked to this online earning, soon you’ll realize that this is also a hard job. Now here are some ways to earn online, as I had said, it may look easy but it is not.

  1. CREATE A WEBSITE. It is the most effective way to earn online, but you need the knowledge on programming to create one. There might be an easy tool to do this, like you can use a MS Publisher 2007, or MS Frontpage, or you may join those website host that are offering free easy to create-your-own website, but you may have created your site a knowledge in basic HTML programming  is still necessary. Websites basically earn by advertising and you must learn how to put those ads to your website.  And you must think of a site concept that will be interesting to online users for them to be lured to your site. In this way, you can earn more.
  2. WRITE  ARTICLES. Article writing is also one of the best ways to earn online. Several sites like Bukisa and Triond are paying free lance article writers who are publishing their works on their sites.  They got paid for every visitor their articles got online. Well of course those visitors should be unique. You might think it is easy but to write an articles needs a broad mind. At the same time, you should write an interesting articles in which it could gather several viewers.
  3. JOIN “Pay-To-Do Something” SITES.  Well this should be the easiest part in online earning as you might think of it, but it is not. 
  • PTC (Paid-To-Click) Sites. These are sites that are paying its members for viewing or clicking ads. Simple work but not that simple. By the average they are paying $0.0001 to $0.01 per advertisement views. And actually, few PTC sites are only paying $0.01 per view and if they did, you only got 4 ads a day as a Free member. Most of those PTC sites will pay you $0.001 or even less. So you need to click at least 1000 ads just to earn $1.00.  And those PTC site will only give you around 10 to 30 ads a day, so you need to have at least 10 sites to maintain daily for you to be get that 1000 click and earn $1.00. Plus, the risk of being scam, since most PTC sites are scam.
  • GPT(Got-Paid-To) Sites. Sites that are paying its members after performing a given task, like signing up on a site, writing short sentences, posting in forums, blogs and websites.  If may be a good way of earning in the start, but most jobs here cannot be done again and again daily. So sooner or later you’ll find yourself no more task left to do. And the bad thing is, you don’t reach the minimum cash-out balance yet.
  • PAID-FORUMS. Another  good way of earning. You simply post your ideas and comments and you’ll got paid like the site MyLot.  They pay not in a fix rate but around $0.01 per post. Sounds good earnings, but if you will do your Math, you need to make 100 post a day to earn $1.00. well this is much easier that clicking 1000 ads in PTC.
  •  PAID SURVEY. Well this is the easiest and the fastest way to earn online but if you were not from America, Canada and Australia, then you might not enjoy this sites. Surveys are made by those sites because a local company asks them to do so. And that local company mostly came from that country. So what d you expect? Surveys are only good for those citizens of that country. And again beware of this because next to PTC, this is on the list of top scam sites.

So if you are planning to start earning online then better yet think of it over and over again. Don’t quit your job for this. You may earn online but it is not enough to cover your bills and other needs. Remember, earning is not an easy task. Good Day


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