Be Aware! Even Standing For Long Hours Affect Us!! Part – Iii

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Once under medical care, the problem of varicose veins can be found out through color Doppler examination.

 People who are in the initial stage of this problem can use a pillow (while in the lying position) just below their legs every time they take rest and should keep their legs in  a little elevated position  so that it will be easy for the blood to be in motion from the legs to the heart.

Those whose nature of work is such that they have to necessarily work in a standing position only for long hours can wear stockings. When stockings are worn, blood easily moves towards heart without accumulating in the legs.

On the other hand, the permanent solution for this problem may be to get rid of the damaged blood vessel/s through surgery. Because of the advancement in technology, the damaged blood vessels may also be burnt with laser treatment. Some problems may also be cured by way of injections.

However, what sort of treatment is necessary and when it should be started can be decided only by a qualified surgeon.

Any way, people standing for long hours and work can at least wear ordinary socks and protect themselves. 


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