Be Aware! Even Standing For Long Hours Affect Us!! Part – II

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To enable the blood to go back to the lungs and the heart for purification there should not be any hindrance.

There are very small valves that help and make it possible for the blood to go back to heart from the legs.

 When these valves get damaged, the blood starts accumulating in the legs itself and then the problem of small blood vessels getting swollen and twined arises. There are more chances of pregnant woman getting their small blood vessels of the legs coming under pressure. But still for a lot of pregnant woman that pressure vanishes subsequent to the birth of a child.

 So what are the indications by which we can know that the small blood vessels in our legs are getting swollen and so some urgent action is required to be taken?

The indications when the small blood vessels in our legs become swollen are swollen legs, pain, skin pigmentation just above the feet, and itching in the region of the blood vessels. At times blood may suddenly ooze out of the swollen blood vessels. When that happens, it is of paramount importance that the affected person should see the doctor without any loss of time.


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