8 Autumn/winter Fashion Trends Worth Trying

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The new catwalk Autumn/Winter collections will no doubt surprise alot of people this year. Yet not because of the drama or unrealistic wearibility they have. Not for one second did I view the clothes and think I could not wear that. In spirit of the frosty weather the new looks are more wearable, longer in length and theirs something for everybody. Heres my take on the eight trends worth trying.

Long Skirts

The new skirts set to come out will certainly embrace your womanly figure. Whether you opt for a pencil skirt or a long flowing circle skirt you will certainly look ladylike. This renound trend makes it possible to look sexy and keep warm. It’s perfect for any shape, both curvy and petite, as it accentuates the waist, hips and enhances the bosom.


The parka is perect for both city and urban girls and when worn correctly looks edgy and cool. The look is very wearable and can be worn both day and night over jeans or a gown. Parkas are extra versatile due to the multiple pockets, drawstrings and hoods. The colours range from deep browns, mustard, grey and a variety of greens. The best way to wear it is layered over cardigans, shorts and tights. Topshop does the best designs but if your on a cheaper budget New Look do some really chic designs.

High-Waisted Trousers

These are bound to be a huge hit because they’re elegant and definetely flattering. Forget the old slouchy sweatpants, the new trousers are completely leg-lengthening and go with absolutely everything. They look amazing with both a mans shirt and silk blouse. I’d suggest pairing them with a silky blouse, skinny belt and heels or belt. Remember to get silk or wool fabric though with a great cut for the best look.

Bohemian Dresses

In my opinion this look is impossible not to fall in love with because it’s so dreamy and romantic. It’s almost like the dresses came out of an old-fashioned storybook. The frocks are paper-thin in smokey drey, fawn and burnt orange. Their best paired with belts, cardigans, wooly socks and sensible shoes/boots. Wear your hair loose to aspire to the relaxed, arty vibe. If the weather gets chilly wear a woolly hat over your loose waves. The more floral details the dress contains the better.

Day Knits

Nearly everybody already owns an old, long knit so this is an easy one to copy. The knit can be of any design as they all look cool and quirky. It can be worn in two ways, long and by itself or teamed with a floor-sweeping skirt. If worn by itself remember to layer up your legs with woolly socks and tights paired with boots. When worn with a skirt it’s best as eveningwear as it can look pretty glamorous believe it or not!


The Autumn/Winter collections have fallen in love with lace all over again. It’s the only look that could make someone appear both mysterious and fragile. Theirs also no end to the amount of looks to try, from pretty day dresses to sensual gowns and blouses. This trend can also be teamed with previous trends such as a lace shirt paired with high-waisted trousers or a black silk skirt. If it’s drama your after then go for one of the floor-sweeping lace gowns. Note to self: if it’s sheer wear with a bodysuit or even daring stocking and suspenders for a dangerous yet fragile feel.

Elegant Handbags

In contrast to the sexy, womanly clothes the new handbags have a grown-up, ladylike feel to them. They are classic and plain but in absolutely no way are they boring. The overall effect of them is quite beautiful. Instead of brands or over the top handles we’re left with simple snap closures and tiny chains. In terms of colours try aim to get either a brown or cream coloured bag.

Hiking Boots

The new trends for boots seem to reflect the knits and tweeds in the clothes collections. The effect is outdoorsy and has alot of choice. The details in these boots are pretty amazing: lacing, buckles, straps, pavement-gripping soles and stitching. This is perfect for both the brave hearted and not. The most sought after would be high heeled brown leather hiking boots.

So their you have it, in my opinion you’ll have to try atleast one of these trends because in all honesty whats not to love?!


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