Fall IN Love…….+Ve OR -Ve??

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Terminological wise, and in case of terms commonly used, it is obvious
and straightforward, when someone loves another we say he/she Fell
in Love with someone, he/she would say I am Falling in Love
with you! on the other hand, we never say he/she Rose in Love with
someone, neither he/she would say I am Rising in Love with you. so
the phrase is to fall in love, NOT to rise in love!

Practical wise, it is a bit more complicated but can be explained as follows:
Love is giving the authority of hurting your heart to someone who you
trust will never do it!! shocking ha?! well, love is a state of
vulnerability, or weakness, resulting of giving a full control
over you and your heart to someone else, it is like giving your heart’s
remote control to someone who you trust will never switch channels! this
feeling might be acceptable, good, warm, passionate and even to die for,
as we human beings like and tend to live as couples, as a natural valid
behavior, but what if that one we trusted misused the authority we provided
, what if he/she switched channels! [back for terms, we use the phrase:
falling into a trap, and a trap is commonly set up for you by
someone you trusted!! so logically Love could be a Trap, LOL

Falling in a Hole .. That lucky one you fell in love with and trusted
might stay there in your love hole, so that hole would be your heaven,
and it might last for ever, but what if one left that hole up, rose and
passed the road? why to put your self under such a risk?

>On the negative side, the process is Falling not Rising, so if you
scratch your brain and think it over then you might never accept to
fall in love with someone!

On the positive side, why do
we usually accept such a risk? what excuse you might think of
to explain your acceptance to fall? I guess, maybe we do accept
such risks just to be able to live a moment of happiness, though love
is a risk but it’s almost our most important desire and need because we
human beings are weak and emotional, we are seeking a moment of happiness
regardless its after effects.


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