Taking it all in

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I don’t drink, in fact, I hate the very taste of hard liquor and beer when it bites my taste buds and causes a cold scraping sensation in my throat until it reaches my stomach, which is also a little bit uncomfortable. I can feel my stomach juices churning.

I have an almost absolute aversion towards drinking, but it’s more of the effect it brings to myself as well as to other people I know rather than the act of doing so. My own take of being drunk is when my vision starts to look fuzzy and my sense of balance is lost. These moments are occasional social obligations, which I will consider hazards. Tequila shots are nightmarish. San Mg lights, I can’t even imbibe the whole content of a single bottle. So the actual pleasure of doing such activity evades me. It’s bitter, and I don’t care if you mix it with lots of fruity tastes or what have yous, the fact still remains that it is alcohol and it tastes like one.

My friends know about my manner towards drinking, so they don’t force me. I prefer to keep my wits with me all the time and I hate to be a victim of next-day embarrassments, and hellish hang-overs. Of course, there’s also the matter of trying to rethink everything you did the night before, “Did I mess up someone else’s place?” (worse-“Did I sleep with someone I shouldn’t have slept with?”)

Despite this, I still get invited by my friends for drinking sessions. I don’t drink, and once and again I bargained to just chip-in with some of the expenses provided that my lips don’t touch a sip of liquor. So, during such occasions, I’d be the most clear-headed.

It’s amusing to watch people getting drunk. They talk of discordant topics to each other, with their slurry speeches. They become red faced, and laugh at the silliest things. Some succumb to sleeping on the benches, others become rowdier by the minute. Drinking loosens the tongue, and may as well reveal the most hidden thoughts. It’s a truth serum.

However, in the most extreme cases, it allows someone to run riot with emotions. People like these often act like lunatics. They throw things, they shout expletives, and they are uncontrollable in these moments. They turn into monsters. I’ve seen people like them; they are the types who are passive-aggressive in their wakefulness.

Not to sound so prudish about this, but I feel that when you drink, you lose a part of your dignity. You become a fledgling of shame.

There may be truth that drinking is a balm to the broken soul, it helps one to fall into total oblivion, but it’s also a poison to a healthy body and to one’s reputation.


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